About Us


hen I was young I was a fan of the saying “specialization is for insects.” As I went on in life trying to be great at all sorts of different things I realized that certain things took a tremendous amount of time to master. I began to deal with professionals in various industries that were called upon for vast knowledge they had for very specific things, these people are experts in their fields. That doesn’t mean they are great at everything, it simply means for their specific industry they have achieved expertise and can be relied upon for anything related to their specific niche. My niche is filling in swimming pools. I built this company to do one thing and to do it well. No matter the circumstance if you are hiring someone who is not familiar with something they aren’t likely to be prepared for what can occur once the project begins. You wouldn’t hire a handy man to build an entire addition, don’t make the mistake of hiring a “do it all” company for your swimming pool demolition. We have experience on every type of pool in every setting. When I quote a job you can be assured that it will be done properly and will never exceed the quoted price. I feel a company should have someones name on it, someone to hold accountable. My name is Sean Grillo, and Grillo Pool Removal is the company you can trust to remove your pool, no matter the circumstances.

Benefits of filling in your pool:

  • Create a more aesthetically pleasing yard without the eyesore of a deteriorating pool
  • Free up space for entertaining
  • Pay a fraction of the cost of a pool remodel by filling it in
  • Peace of mind without the liability of an injury or drowning
  • Lower electric bills
  • Pools turn off 50% of potential buyers when selling

Locally Contracted

Licensed & insured Connecticut residents

Organic Materials

Our fill & topsoil are 100% organic


The Truck

The Expertise

With over twenty years in business we have the experience to take on even the largest and most difficult pools.


Demolition & Rebuild

We make the process stress free by taking care of it all. Our materials are sourced locally, delivered to your home by professionals and we personally rebuild your lawn.

Catering & Events

Peace of Mind

Enjoy your yard! Our happy customers are no longer tired of the upkeep of an aging pool. Now you will have functional space and peace of mind.

Sean Grillo did a great job- start to finish. He communicated well and was very professional. Even with rain delays, Sean got the job done in a timely manner. His crew is very courteous and very hard workers. My yard looks better than ever, and I would highly recommend this contractor.Bill Lawrence (Google Review)